The main vision of this event is to unite people from the different linguistic regions of Belgium for a weekend of unity and creativity. It was important for us to find a venue close to the linguistic border in Belgium. After searching for a year we found the perfect place: “De Kluis” in Sint-Joris-Weert, which is right on the linguistic border!

UNITY (synonyms: consensus, harmony, identity, solidarity)

A weekend-long gathering instead of a one day event gives participants, who come from Belgium and beyond, many opportunities to connect as they camp, eat, dance, do workshops and have a good time together. We are convinced that having people from different denominations and beliefs in close fellowship will be fertile ground for new relationships, bridge building and a better understanding of different faiths. We are open about our faith in Jesus Christ. We invite everybody to partner with us in organizing this event.

CREATIVITY (synonyms: imagination, inspiration, originality)

The arts are the language of today’s culture and artists are shaping that culture. Through different forms of artistic expression, people from different religious and cultural backgrounds can come together in the same space. We believe that being creative together, whether it is photography, dance, theater, painting, music, etc. will bring forth unity. This means U-Nite will become their event as they participate and contribute their own unique expressions and talents.

INCLUSIVITY (synonyms: across-the-board, all-embracing)

We want to create a non-judgmental, community-focused event open to people from different backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. While being open about our faith in Jesus Christ, we do not reject nor condemn people from different faiths. Rather, want to create a platform where we can all communicate in today’s cultural language: the creative arts.


Creativity + Inclusivity = Unity

By pursuing these objectives through the creative arts during this weekend gathering, we believe it can have a strong, positive impact on unity in Belgium. Reconciliation and healing of a divided nation starts on a solid foundation of good relationships and better understanding of those we live with.


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