Christian Makuta, aka J4E, was born in Congo in 1985 and moved to West-Vlaanderen (Belgium) when he was three years old. He started to rap when he was twelve. Later in his life he also added producing to his musical curriculum.

In 2007, he went to Birmingham (England) for five years to study theatre sciences, where he obtained his bachelor diploma in 2013. Afterwards he performed on the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in Stratford Upon Avon (UK) with the theatre production “Julius Caesar” of William Shakespeare.

Christian is also an all-around entertainer, since 2005 he is also performing as a stand-up comedian. He is often to be found at the open comedy nights of café deDingen in Kortrijk.

As a Flemish-English rapper he has five Dutch numbers, among others ‘Frikadelln’ and ‘Stuttn Me Choco’ and eight English songs, among others ‘His love’ and ‘Saviour’.

His songs can be found and purchased at: com

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