Ladies’ Fantasies Club is an alternative acoustic rock pop duo from Sankt-Vith, founded at the end of 2013 by Jean-Yves Szmida (vocals, acoustic guitar). Originally, it was a solo project, and Joshua Cremer (drums and percussion) joined Jean-Yves in 2014. The music of LFC is the meeting of catchy melodies with intelligent arrangements. The English texts are sometimes romantic, sometimes ironic. Not only for ladies!

The first EP “Promises” (5 tracks; mastered by Christian Wright [Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, …] at Abbey Road Studios, London) is available since June 2015. The 2nd single and the clip “Something’s Wrong” were released in mid-April 2016 (produced and mastered by Dany Gallo [Domguè, Marie de Condé, Wise Guys, Seth Gueko, …]) and have already met success.

In January 2017, the new single “Hats”, produced and mastered by Danny Gallo, was released.

In 2018, the duo is supported by the “Ca Balance” programme of the Province of Liège. The result of this collaboration is, among other things, the release of their single “Born in the Shadows”, which can be found on the “Ca Balance” 2018 compilation.

On the road since the end of 2013, Ladies’ Fantasies Club has more than 80 concerts (solo or duo) to its credit and has already seduced its audience in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France and England (among others at the prestigious “The Troubadour” club in London).

Pierre Paulus, editor at RTBF’s Classic 21 for the program “Génération 21”:”[…] At the helm of this musical and whimsical club, launched in 2013, we find Jean-Yves and Joshua. The duo goes back to the group’s origins: “Jean-Yves was coming out of another project, Pan!c TV. However, he continued to write songs, alone on guitar.

Before Joshua, drummer, completed the project a little later. Together, they compose tracks that they compare to extracts from life, tinged with romance and irony. With a cinephile side, not very far from the atmosphere of Tarantino’s films. Jean-Yves points out that “depending on the theme of the song, we are adding new elements to it. Like the motionless journey, always caught up by the roots, anchored far from the great metropolises, where music feeds the experiences. […] »

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