Why do people say discrimination is so bad? What is it, and what is it not?

In this interactive workshop we’ll talk about the easy road that leads from our preconceived ideas to discrimination and hatred, and seek to understand how this all works. We will see that as human beings we all have prejudice which can guide our behaviour and has the power to make the world a worse place for everyone.

But we will also explore the ideas as well as practical tips and habits in order to gain the power to improve ourselves, our relationships and society at large.

Christel Lamère Ngnambi comes from Brussels. He worked for 12 years in the area of European Policy, EU and International Human Rights as well as Active Citizenship and is now a consultant on political communications, advising think tanks, supporting organisations, teaching, speaking and writing internationally.

The workshop will be in English. However, Christel is able to converse in French and, to a lesser extent, Dutch

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