Founded anno 2016 in an Antwerp basement by Mo and J. the experiment later known as TWOFVCE started with vocals, guitars and production. They were creating their own beats, basslines and synths for a lack of a full band. From the age of 13, Mo an J. started jamming together with Julian on several occasions and since then played in all possible combinations. After different line-ups and trials Julian brought in Esteban to finally complete the synergy. TWOFVCE uses a lot of electronics and harmonic vocals, sometimes even switch instruments, though all have key roles on one. That usually means J. on guitars, Mo & Julian on keys and Esteban on drums. But usually isn’t always and always isn’t usual.

In 2016, TWOFVCE released their first EP titled Okinawa. This EP got the band some recognition and attention. They were selected for various Belgian/Dutch music contests (De Nieuwe Lichting, Humo’s Rock Rally, De Zes, Finals of T-Strijd,…). For these contests and other shows they gigged in a series of cool venues like Petrol Antwerpen, Trix, Gebouw-T, Tour & Taxis Brussels, … Since then they kept performing while developing their own sound, identity and songs. Their second EP ‘Always Behind’ is finally finished and will be released in the near future.

Interesting detail: the band records, engineers, mixes and produces all of their own songs with Esteban and Julian on the buttons.

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