Dear friend,

If you would like to financially support the vision of U-NITE and see it carry on into future years to come we would love to partner with you.  We are looking for people that support us with a regular monthly donation.

A short monthly donation f.ex. 20€ (that corresponds to a monthly coffee budget or one night at the movies) helps us to cover running costs, such as storage and hospitality for artists, and most important, it helps us to realise events!

However, If you would prefer to give us a one-off donation we’re totally ok with that as well!

Help us reach our monthly  target of 1000 €


Donate via Bank Transfer

IBAN: BE56 7360 2365 1088

Donate Online

Thank you very much for showing your support for this project so that we can carry on the important work of bringing people in Belgium an beyond together.

The U-NITE Team.

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