Sara So Far is a jazz singer, poet, composer, pianist and loop artist. She has lived in The Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus and now lives in Belgium again, near Brussels. She writes songs about an extensive array of themes such as the contradictions of life, the sunset, the taste of waiting, the beauty and challenge of relationships, climate change, the seasons, refugees, pandemics, globalization, silence, noise.. and so on.

Sara has rooted her harmonies and musical musings in jazz but steps out to other genres in daringly original ways. When there’s no piano at hand, she piles up layers of vocal percussion and harmonies to weave a groovy tapestry to sing over. She has a passion for words and endlessly experiments with their meaning and sound.

Sara So Far has also worked as a vocal coach and piano tutor for many years, as a teacher she is as passionate about music as on stage. With a new album recorded in Cyprus and Belgium coming out in September 2021, Sara is now getting re-established in the Belgian music scene while also exploring the wonder that is the online world.


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