I’m a human. Always discovering what the art of living actually is. I get joy from lots of things, but music was definitely one of my first loves. There just isn’t much that tops being in harmony with other people through playing music together. The guitar is my main instrument, but I’ve also found deep appreciation for the sound board and love to play along with a band by fiddling knobs.
I’m classically trained in guitar, but I love all sorts of genres. My only requirement to enjoy music is that it has to be creative in some way. My main choice will always be the heavier side of things (rock, metal) but other go-to’s in my music lists are blues, ambient, folk, fusion and others.
In music I learned to listen, and I keep doing that in other parts of life. I love to listen to people’s stories and get inspired by them. I keep questioning things and encourage others to do the same. Once in a while, I have a thought that’s my own and I enjoy sharing that with others.
The thing that drives me most is hope. The hope that it always can and will be better. I will always reach for hope.


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