U-NITE 2021

20-22 August

De Kluis   Sint-Joris-Weert

Dear friends,

Let’s leave 2020 behind and focus on 2021.

We are hopeful that U-NITE 2021 will go through.

Due to the 1 year pause, 2021 will be a reboot year to get us back on our feet. Therefore there will be some minor changes. U-NITE will take place at De Kluis but in a different spot. We will also have only 1 stage for musical performances but the program stays as diverse as the years before. Kids area, art in the woods, delicious food, workshops, jam sessions, bonfire, camping, nature and most important: you!

We can’t wait to see you in August!


Creative camp in the woods with the vision to connect people through art, workshops, intimate concerts, camping, food stands, nature, decoration, games and more…

Get a taste of what 2019 was like…

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