As we head into the third year of U-NITE we have listened to the voice of the people!  In response to this we are going to transition from a 4 day event to 3 days.  This means that Sunday will now be a full day starting with workshops featuring more concerts and activities throughout the day.

You are welcome to come and get settled in to the campsite from Thursday afternoon and can stay until Monday morning.  

For those sleeping onsite you need to purchase an additional camping ticket in combination with your U-NITE ticket.  The other option is to purchase a bed in a dorm.  To reserve your bed(s) send us an email.

If you have any questions about tickets, accommodation or the timetable send us an email to info@u-nite.be

Ticket Option Presales At Door
3 Days Pass 80,- 100,-
Friday Pass 30,- 35,-
Saturday Pass 35,- 40,-
Sunday Pass 25,- 30,-
Camping Pass2,3 12,- 15,-
Camping Night3,5 6,- 8,-
Bed in dorm6 15,- 20,-7
Ticket Option Presales At Door
3 days pass 140,- 160,-
Friday pass 50,- 55,-
Saturday pass 60,- 65,-
Sunday pass 40,- 45,-
Camping pass2,4 25,- 30,-
Camping Night4,5 12,50 15,-
Bed in dorm Ask Not available
  1. 2 adults and minimum 1 child. Children over 15 need to buy a personal ticket.
  2. Valid from Thursday 4pm to Monday 11am, no matter how many nights you stay. Only available with a 3 Days Pass.
  3. Per person (children under 12 are free), not included in the price of the ticket.
  4. Per family (2 adults plus min. 1 child), not included in the price of the ticket.
  5. One night in the camping, valid for the night before or after your day ticket.
  6. Per night, per person. For reservation, please get in touch at info@u-nite.be.
  7. If available.
  • Breakfast is available for 4,00 € (2,00 € for children from 5 to 11 years old)

Ticket presales have ended. It is still possible to purchase tickets at the entrance, however we will only accept cash as a payment method. See you there!

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