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With this registration form you can subscribe to become a volunteer. After registering, you will receive an email with payement instructions. Thanks for helping!

    NEWS: We decided to get rid of our volunteers participation fee! We thank all those that helped us putting this event on its feet over the last 2 years.
    We now feel that this is the right step forward. This means:
    Volunteers pay no entrance.
    Volunteers can camp for free.
    Volunteers get breakfast for free.
    Volunteers get the Thursday and Sunday evening BBQ for free.
    Volunteers get food for free during set up & break down.

    Food during the event:
    Volunteers and workshop leaders can do self-catering on the camping or buy food at one of our food stands. Breakfast is for free!

    Drinks for volunteers and workshop leaders are available for half of the price.

    If you prefer to sleep in a bed we have to charge 10€/per night/per person. Please choose below the number of nights.

    This is a big step for us. We would like to encourage those who are able to make a donation, to do so, so we can help those that want to be part of U-NITE but have difficulties to afford it.
  • Personal information

  • Volunteering information

  • As a volunteer chose option A.
    As a workshop leader choose option B.
    As a volunteer that also leads a workshop, please choose option C.

    We need to know when you arrive, so please drop us a line in the comment box.
    I arrive Monday morning 10:00 the 20th August and stay till Tuesday afternoon 17:00 the 28th August.
    I arrive Thursday evening 19:00 the 23rd August and I leave Sunday evening 20:00 the 26th August.

  • Mention what you are good in and what you like to do f.ex.
    I am a night owl = security
    I like to eat = food prep
    I love the smell of Mr. Proper = cleaning team
  • Mention if you worked at events before and what you´ve done there
  • Please mention your arrival & departure times as mentioned above.

    Leave any other comment.
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