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With this registration form you can subscribe to become a volunteer. After registering, you will receive an email with payement instructions. Thanks for helping!

    Over the last years we got some questions regarding our volunteer participation fee and in general why volunteers have to pay anyways.
    First of all, we need to say that we are not a commercial event. We don´t make any money, the truth is that the last 2 years we did quiet some loss and we were only able to survive due to very generous people. But we also want to be transparent, and that is why we will try to explain here, why we need to ask you a fee:

    Rent: We rent the venue from another asbl/vzw and they charge us per person. So as soon you become a volunteer, you become part of our rental agreement with the venue owners and we need to pay for your stay.

    Food: Yes you guys eat, and you eat 3 meals a day 🙂

    Insurance: You are also covered by a volunteers insurance.

    We could list some more expenses, but I hope these helped to understand.

    Thanks for understanding
  • Personal information

  • Volunteering information

  • There are several possibilities to help.

    - A: from Monday 20th to Tuesday 28th August

    - B: from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th 8pm

    - C: from Thursday 23rd 9am to Tuesday 28th

    - D: from Thursday 23rd 9am to Sunday 26th 8pm

    - E: from Thursday 23 8pm to Sunday 26th 8pm

    - F: workshop leader

    Please choose one of the options.
    If none of these options corresponds to your choice, please choose the one closest to your choice and leave a comment with details.

    We strongly encourage all the volunteers to stay till Tuesday the 28th to help breakdown!

  • Mention what you are good in and what you like to do f.ex.
    I am a night owl = security
    I like to eat = food prep
    I love the smell of Mr. Proper = cleaning team
  • Mention if you worked at events before and what you´ve done there
  • Please mention if you volunteer outside the above mentioned options or any other comment.
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