Belgium, like many other countries, is going through tense times. People seem worried and angry at the same time. We blame the élites and other people, often the vulnerable ones, for our situation.

But did you know that this age is telling us a lot about ourselves? In this workshop we will pause to understand the realities behind the ‘rise’ of populism and extremism. But we will also talk about what this tells concerning who you are, and who we are as a society. This will equip you become a more critical citizen to act responsibly. Who knew that exercises about a political crisis could actually help you grow spiritually?

Christel Lamère Ngnambi comes from Brussels. He worked for 12 years in the area of European Policy, EU and International Human Rights as well as Active Citizenship and is now a consultant on political communications, advising think tanks, supporting organisations, teaching, speaking and writing internationally.

The workshop will be in English. However, Christel is able to converse in French and, to a lesser extent, Dutch. 

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