We would like to give you a few hints regarding your stay at the event. These are based on the general terms and conditions, which you can read here as well.

The most important is that every one of us is individually considerate towards others and tries to show off their most social side possible.

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You can order your ticket on this website until Sunday 11.08.2019. After that, you can buy your ticket at the event at an elevate price, or online for the same price than at the door.


The photographs taken during the event may be used for advertising purposes for next year’s event. If you don’t want your portrait photo to be used for this purpose, please email U-Nite with an attached passport photo.

We strongly encourage not to take pictures using a flash, during the performances.

Wristband/camping pass

You have received a wristband when checking in. Please note that it is only valid when you wear it around your wrist. If you lose it, please come as soon as possible, with your ID card, to the event office.

Your camping pass needs to be placed on your tent/ caravan, so it can be easily seen.

Campfire, barbecuing and fire

Open fire and barbecuing is only allowed in the designated fire places by the organizer. The site is an absolute fire hazard so we really have to be careful with open fire!

Open fire places at the stage areas, are lit and monitored by event staff.

Glass bottles / Drink cans

Bringing your own drinks on the ground of the event is prohibited. An exception to this rule is water in plastic bottles. Private drinks are however allowed in the camping area. Glass bottles are strictly forbidden. Such bottles will be confiscated at the check in.

If you don´t follow this rules, you can be excluded from the event!

Please help us to keep the site tidy by putting your bottles into the designated glass containers.

Remember to respect trash separation.


You can bring your own food to eat on the camping, or support us by eating from one of our yummy food stands.


As campers, you can have breakfast for 4, – EURO (2, – EURO for kids from 5 to 11) per day. You can pay at breakfast.


Dogs are permitted but must always remain on a short leash. If your dog isn’t used to strangers or larger crowds, please put on a muzzle or alike. If U-Nite team members are asking you to do so, please follow their instructions. Please also consider that everything that comes out of a dog’s bottom and doesn’t evaporate needs to be collected by the owner. There are no other pets allowed on the event.

Camping site

Please set your tent up only at the camping site’s designated areas, keep the emergency escape routes free and be quiet in and around the area at night. It is only fair to those who want to sleep! Please don’t play your guitar or drums or alike at the camping site.

Camping means: You bring your own tent and everything you need to camp. Showers and toilets are near the campsite.

Caravan or other camping vehicles are allowed, but there is no electricity available.

At the campsite, there is in general no electricity available. Please bring a flash light.

Parking Areas

To not getting started with towing cars parked outside of the designated areas, please park your car at the U-Nite car park. The towing procedure is really stressful for us and expensive for you. Please be aware that you cannot park outside the designated areas.

The “main” street on the venue needs to be held car free at any moment, to respect fire/rescue regulations.

Security volunteers

The security team exercises property rights. In case of issues, please do not hesitate to contact the U-Nite office or a person with a walkie-talkie.

Water & Sun

Please ensure that you hydrate with enough liquid – preferably water. A person has to drink ca. 2 litres of liquids daily – but an event like this requires more than your usual daily amount. In addition, please use appropriate sun protection – bandannas, sun screen, etc. to avoid collapses due to dehydration.

Rubbish and trash

Please keep the event grounds, toilets and showers clean, Jesus could be the next user.

Throw your rubbish in the bins, which are provided in abundance. This helps our voluntary dirt fighters a lot to do their job.

There is strict trash separation, please respect this!


Smoking in general is allowed at the event grounds. Please throw your cigarette butt away in your own ashtrays that you have with you. Inside the buildings applies a strict non-smoking policy. Be aware that we are in a dry season and in a forest!



The trading and consuming of drugs is of course forbidden.


Please contact the event leaders at info@u-nite.be.

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